Graffiti Hurts Everyone!

Graffiti has a negative effect on everyone’s feeling of safety in their neighborhood. Graffiti creates a perception that crime is on the rise and gangs are moving into the area. When graffiti is left indefinitely, it creates the “Broken Window Effect”. It sends a signal that people do not care, which in turn attracts other forms of crime and mischief to the area. 



CRIME CHECK 456-2233

If you are witnessing graffiti occur, call: 9-1-1


Spokane’s Graffiti Program      

Spokane C.O.P.S. and the Spokane Police Department work with the City of Spokane’s Neighborhood Services Department to prevent and remove graffiti, to identify, report and abate graffiti from public and private spaces.   more…      

Graffiti Prevention Tips

There are several inexpensive prevention methods to minimize the potential of graffiti on your property. Large blank walls and fences are attractive to a graffiti vandal.  more…