Operation I.D.

Operation I.D. is a nationwide effort of law enforcement agencies and the citizens and businesses they serve. The goal is to reduce property theft through an identifications system.

Marking your possessions with an identifying number is an effective method of deterring theft. You can participate by engraving or marking your valuables with your driver’s license number.

  • Be sure to mark all items of value and be complete in your inventory.
  • Electric engravers are available for checkout at the Spokane Police Department, Spokane C.O.P.S. or you can purchase one.
  • You will need to record the make and model numbers of all property that you engrave.
  • Practice using the engraver before you mark your property.
  • Keep a record in a safe location

To check out an engraver, contact your local Spokane C.O.P.S. Substation. 

Identy Theft on the Rise

Armed with a computer, a name, a social security number, and a person’s credit history, today’s criminals can steal without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Identity theft is taking a victim’s identity to obtain credit, apply for loans, rent an apartment, or obtain a job using the victim’s name. Enterprising criminals can gather remarkable amounts of information about a victim through the debris of everyday transactions. They use their information to gain access to all of the victim’s financial information. Thieves get information by stealing a victim’s wallet, looking over a victim’s shoulder at an ATM or phone booth to capture a PIN, stealing from a victim’s mailbox, digging through discarded trash, or fraudulently ordering a copy of the victim’s credit record.

To Prevent Becoming An Identity Theft Victim

  • keep personal information private
  • check financial information regularly
  • obtain a copy of your credit report annually
  • maintain careful records of banking and
  • financial accounts
  • shred all mail containing credit card offers or other personal information.

Contact in Case of I.D. Theft

Victim Advocate, Spokane C.O.P.S.
cshackelford@spokanepolice.org, 625-3381

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