Spokane Police Department  (SPD)SPD provides funds for support staff, substation phones, security systems, and rental agreements for all substations.  SPD representatives serve on the C.O.P.S. Board of Directors.  They also furnish professional training to C.O.P.S. volunteers and the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) Program.  SPD supplies C.O.P.S. with Neighborhood Conditions Officers (NCOs) to focus on neighborhood issues and maintaining communications between Law Enforcement and the community through substation operations.  Workstations are available in all substations for patrol officers to use while out in the neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Resource Officers Locations:

  • Officer Traci Douglas: C.O.P.S. West & C.O.P.S. North Central
  • Officer Doug Strosahl: C.O.P.S. Northwest & C.O.P.S. North Hill
  • Officer Keith Cler: C.O.P.S. Neva-Wood
  • Officer Shaney Redmon: C.O.P.S. Northeast, C.O.P.S. Logan
  • Officer Tim Ottmar: C.O.P.S. Southeast, Greater Spokane C.O.P.S.
  • Officer Dion Mason: C.O.P.S. East Central

Department of Corrections (D.O.C.): Neighborhood Based Supervision (N.B.S.) is the decentralization of Community Corrections Officers (C.C.O.) into the C.O.P.S. substations.  This model has proven to hold both the offender and systems accountable for their behavior at the street level where we all live.  The partnership has increased the potential for sharing resources and ‘street intelligence’, thus reducing recidivism rates in our community.  DOC has representation on the C.O.P.S. Board.  They have teams of C.C.O.s in 8 substations.

Alzheimer’s Association: Volunteers are trained to assist with information about registering with the Alzheimer’s Association and in applying the Operation Family I.D. Program.  Brochures are available at all substations.Business Donors & Corporate Sponsors: United Health Services Credit Union, Spokane Teachers Credit Union, Amicus Federal Credit Union, Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union, Spokane City Credit Union, Banner Bank, Whitman Bank, Inland Audio Visual, Bill’s Auto Parts, First Team Construction, American Family Insurance, Fred Meyer, Inland Commercial Properties, Spokane Homebuilder’s Association, Red Lion Hotels, United Floor Covering, The Ugly Duck, Cassel Promotions, Avista, Target Stores, Events Rents, Fery’s Catering, Faith Bible Church, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Home Depot, Habitat for Humanity, A-Z Rental, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Chief’s Hockey, Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson, Allsport, Coeur d’Alene Casino, Northern Quest Casino, Allen’s Cycle, Renegade Classics, Westside Motorsports, Bluz at the Bend, Greenburo.

Code Enforcement: C.E. officers are utilizing the partnership of citizens and law enforcement by frequenting the substations and sharing neighborhood information.  Satellite offices are maintained at C.O.P.S. East Central and Neva-Wood.  Code Enforcement information and complaint forms are always available at each substation.

Crime Check/911:Partnership involves training of new C.O.P.S. volunteers and cross-training of the Crime Check/911 personnel.

Department of Emergency Management: C.O.P.S. attends D.E.M. monthly meetings and participates in emergency services exercises.

District Court: Supports community accountability through Safe Streets.

Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest: IERA, a local organization with a membership of over 600 landlords, partners with the C.O.P.S. Crime Free Multi-Housing Program by providing professional trainers and assisting in educational outreach to the housing provider community.

Media Support: C.O.P.S. wishes to thank KREM-2, KHQ-6, KXLY-4, Fox 28, KYRS Public Radio, Citadel Radio, KISC, KKZX, KCDA, North and Southside Voice of the Spokesman Review for their public service announcements and news coverage of our events and community emergency response information.

Red Cross: Information about emergency preparedness is used at substation events and is available at all substations.

Registered Sex Offenders Information: Spokane has a nationally recognized process of tracking registered sex offenders.  Spokane C.O.P.S. provides administrative support and disseminates registered sex offender information to the community through each substation.  Spokane C.O.P.S. joins following agencies in taking an active role in providing information and management on registered sex offenders: Law Enforcement, Treatment Providers, Corrections, Prosecution, Polygraph Specialists, S.C.O.P.E. (Sheriff’s Community Oriented Policing Efforts), Child Protective Services (CPS), Juvenile Probation, and Sexual Assault Center.  These agencies meet monthly to review process, cases, studies and legislation.

S.C.O.P.E. (Sheriff’s Community Oriented Policing Efforts): Spokane C.O.P.S. partners with the County program volunteers through the Registered Sex Offender Program, Graffiti, Operation Family I.D. Centennial Trail Patrol, C.F.M.H., C.P.T.E.D., and Community Justice Site programs.

Spokane Regional Health District:  Partners with Spokane C.O.P.S in providing Bike Helmets for distribution and education on safety in the substations.

Washington State Crime Prevention Association: As WSCPA members, C.O.P.S. administrative staff  networks with statewide law enforcement and community policing personnel, keeping up-to-date with the latest crime prevention legislation, training and printed materials.

Spokane C.O.P.S. programs involve ongoing working relationships with the valuable services provided by numerous City of Spokane departments.  In addition to programs already mentioned above, C.O.P.S. would like to extend its appreciation to the following Departments:Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)This is anassessment of properties for physical crime prevention and safety features.Such property surveys are an integral part of the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) Program.

Community Development coordinates with C.O.P.S.’ main office in administering Block Grants requests of qualified substations.

Fire Department Educational materials are actively distributed at all substations.  Emergency vehicles and personnel participate in National Night Out Against Crime, and fire prevention education is an integral part of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

Fleet Services supports C.O.P.S. mobile units with maintenance and occasional van rental for visitors touring through the Demo Center.

Human Services is a ready link to community inquiries concerning social resources, provides valuable training to new C.O.P.S. volunteers and landlords/apartment managers as part of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

MIS repairs hardware, troubleshoots software problems and services telephone communications at each substation.

Office of the Mayor and City Council support C.O.P.S.’ Administrative contract through SPD, participate in the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Night, attend the kick off and block parties during National Night Out Against Crime.

Office of Neighborhood ServicesMany of the same citizen volunteers actively participate in maintaining and improving the quality of life in all of Spokane’s 27 neighborhoods.  Training opportunities are frequently shared, as is office space at the Neva-Wood substation.

Parks The Department of Parks works with individual substations during neighborhood crime prevention fairs and picnics.

Planning provides graphic assistance and  maps for each substation.

Riverfront Park supports Night Out Against Crime Kick-off event.

Solid Waste Management is a partner with Neighborhood Services and C.O.P.S. in the ‘Dump Pass’ program.